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Jeff joined the Emerald Hospitality team in 2010.  He seeks out new opportunities for Emerald, including new acquisitions, new third-party management relationships, or other potential business options.  Jeff performs the initial analysis of properties which could be targeted for acquisition before bringing possible candidates to the rest of the company for further consideration and oversees the process from Letter of Intent to closing on hotels on which the Emerald Hospitality team decides to move forward.  He is also involved in managing Emerald’s online presence.

In addition, Jeff is involved in charity work through the Emerald Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization that supports a variety of charitable organizations.  The Emerald Foundation seeks to make charitable donations to causes supported by the associates at Emerald Hospitality’s hotels and at Emerald Hospitality’s corporate offices.  Jeff coordinates the donations to be made in support of the efforts of our many associates in pursuit of their passion projects and for outreach in the communities Emerald Hospitality serves.

Before being named Chief Development Officer, Jeff was Emerald Hospitality’s in-house counsel and continues to act in that role, coordinating Emerald’s business-related legal matters.  He advises Emerald on contract, transactional, and other legal issues and oversees outside counsel when necessary.

Jeff graduated from Michigan State University College of Law cum Laude in 2006.  After being admitted to the Ohio Bar he practiced commercial litigation for several years before joining the Emerald team in 2010.  His experience representing construction companies, real estate companies, banks and other business interests in resolving their legal disputes has given him insight into the legal needs of Emerald Hospitality Associates.  Prior to law school, Jeff earned a Bachelor’s degree from the Ohio State University and spent a number of years working hotel, retail, restaurant, and other service/hospitality positions, giving him a background in the needs of the hospitality industry.

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