An Analysis of Paid Media Efforts


We are excited to share the final statistics regarding our paid media efforts for our Emerald Hospitality Associates properties in 2022. Overall, we generated just over $5,000,000.00 in revenue with over 25,000 room nights booked with a return on ads spend of $26:1. Our focus on paid media has been a key driver of our success in the industry, and we are constantly seeking out new opportunities to reach and engage with our target audience. In addition to Expedia Travel Ads, which was our largest paid media contributor, we also participate in Google Ads, Booking Network ads, social media ads, TripAdvisor, and other paid media opportunities. Our Digital Marketing and eCommerce team partners closely with Emerald’s Sales and Revenue Management team as well as our properties’ teams to identify current needs such as more visibility or increased revenues from targeted segments. After strategizing as a team, we tackle these goals and focus on paid media for the property’s specific needs.

We conducted a comparison of Expedia Travel Ads performance for each of our properties and their respective markets, and the results were extremely impressive. Our portfolio’s return on ads spend for 2022 was over 43:1, outpacing the overall market average of 25:1.

“At Emerald Hospitality Associates, we believe that collaboration is the key to delivering outstanding results. By working closely with our property teams, revenue managers, and above property sales teams, we can ensure that our funds are allocated to the most profitable channels and our outreach is optimized during critical periods. Our team is well-equipped to design, implement, and evaluate strategies that drive peak performance. By synergizing our SEO efforts with paid media opportunities, we can amplify our brand presence and take our properties to new heights in the market. Come join us in our quest for exceptional success in the industry!” – Marko Rulek, Emerald Hospitality Associates Corporate Director of eCommerce and Digital Marketing.

As we move into 2023, we face increasing competition in the ads space, which has led to an increase in cost per click and a lower return on ad spend compared to 2021. Despite this trend, we are confident in our ability to work within budgeted guidelines while remaining focused on driving revenues in the segments that need it most. To that end, we are actively focusing on our total Commercial Services “ecosystem” with an emphasis on SEO strategies as well as partnering with our on-property teams to target paid media to highest value channels collectively identified.

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