Dave Arnold Named as the Director of Sales at the Hilton Garden Inn in Wooster, Ohio


Why did the chicken cross the road? (yes, those are chickens)

I don’t know, but I bet our new Director of Sales / Sales Manager at the Hilton Garden Inn in Wooster, Ohio could tell you. Meet Dave Arnold. Dave was recently promoted to the position after serving 2 years at the hotel as Bartender and Server. Although hospitality sales is new to him, sales is not. Previous to his time in the hospitality industry, Dave was in Medical Sales for a Texas-based company called Trilliant. He brings a fresh perspective and view of managing the sales efforts in Wooster, Ohio.

Dave attended North Central State College in Ohio where he earned his Registered Nursing Degree. He is one of six kids and therefore has many nieces and nephews. He is obsessed with his Silkie Chickens and is one of the top breeders in the entire United States of America! He loves to travel and stays active in adult sports leagues and the gym.

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