Driving Revenue During the Pandemic with Digital Media


Last year was a challenging one for many companies, especially those in the hospitality industry. In 2020, Emerald Hospitality Associates recognized the value of paid media marketing and invested funds strategically throughout their portfolio as a way of generating revenue during a time full of the unknown.

While others were wondering what to do about gaining revenue through socially distanced marketing, Emerald Hospitality Associates invested in lower than usual Cost Per Click (CPC) opportunities and were able to generate a greater Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) than the industry standard. We achieved double the ROAS in 2020 with a 28.9:1 return versus the comp set at 14:1 ROAS. We generated over $1.4M in revenue and 11,000 booked room nights by taking advantage of paid media while others cut their digital marketing budgets. In order to create successful ads, we laser-focused on their placement and worked with the properties to reach the demographic.

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