Mckenzie Azzardi Promotion at Emerald Hospitality Associates


It is our pleasure to announce the promotion of Mckenzie Azzardi to the Emerald Hospitality Associates corporate role of Hospitality Support Manager. Mckenzie joined Emerald Hospitality in 2016 as the Guest Care Manager at the Hampton Inn New Philadelphia. Over these past 5 years he has eagerly embraced every opportunity to learn, grow and mature as a hospitality professional. Mckenzie’s hard work and dedication has earned him numerous promotions in this time.
In his new role, Mckenzie is looking forward to being able to give 100% of his focus on support to the properties and to Emerald Hospitality Associates – especially during this time of recovery. Forward looking, he intends to continue his studies as he works towards a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Human Resources. His ultimate goal is to be an active part of Emerald’s growth plan. 

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