Meet Our Capital Management Team


WESTLAKE, Ohio – Our Capital Management Department handles a wide range of responsibilities from managing vendor and supplier relationships to monthly routine quality inspections of our hotels. The team has a hand in each step of a hotel’s life including project management for new builds, renovations or PIPs (Product Improvement Plans), and supporting the engineering department with inspections. Each member of the team is an important part of the success of the department:

Jeff Mahoney and Don Haggerty, Regional Directors of Engineering and Capital Management. They support hotels in several ways from coordinating and reviewing contracts with vendors and suppliers to project management on new builds, PIPs, and general contractors. They also oversee and support the engineering department at our assets with routine inspections, identifying, and resolving issues while ensuring brand standards are maintained. They work with the property-level General Managers and Chief Engineers to assure full life expectancy with the mechanical equipment and to maintain the assets to their highest quality. They also partner with the design and purchasing teams during continuous renovation projects and upgrades to our hotels, so guests experience the highest standard of quality.

Jen Gerish, Director of Interior Design. She works to ensure that every guest will feel comfortable in their surroundings during their stay at our assets through the thoughtful choice of design elements throughout each hotel. Her collaboration with the architect allows for the project to meet all quality standards and budget. She also works as a liaison with the hotels’ brand to ensure all brand standards are met with each project.

Gretchen Roberts, Purchasing Manager. She is responsible for all stages in the purchasing and procurement process, preparing cost-effective budgets for PIPs and renovations that will benefit the owners and investors of our assets. She ensures cost-effective acquisition and timely delivery of every item required by our properties whether it’s for a new open or renovation project. Her work allows for a seamless transition within budget and brand standards.

From renovations to new build, our Capital Management Team is an integral part of the company. Each department members’ role in the project ensures the brand standards are met while sticking to the budget. Whether it’s a routine quality inspection or a project for a newly acquired hotel, they’re involved in each step of a hotels’ lifespan.

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