Exciting Promotion at Emerald Hospitality Associates


Emerald Hospitality Associates is pleased to announce the promotion of Marko Rulek to Corporate Director of eCommerce and Digital Marketing. He joined the Emerald Hospitality Revenue Generation team in August 2017 as our first ever eCommerce Manager. In partnership with the Rev Gen team, Marko was charged with the task of developing and launching the eCommerce & Digital Marketing arm of Emerald Hospitality. Through collaboration with the property teams as well as the brands, Marko has done an excellent job in ensuring visibility and growing profitability through all online channels. He is passionate about paid media channels and has become adept at driving revenues that exceed industry standards. Moreover, Marko embraces opportunities to work with the many different disciplines within Emerald on digital presence including specific Human Resource needs for job recruitment. Marko has also been instrumental in improving Emerald Hospitality Associates own online presence and continues to monitor and optimize our corporate website.

Marko is a true asset to Emerald Hospitality Associates, and it is our pleasure to announce this promotion. In this role, Marko will continue to guide and mentor our teams as we continue our recovery progress.

Please join me in congratulating him on this promotion.


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